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This is a film of the Diamond Jubilee camp of the county of Sheffield Girl Guides at Chatsworth July 25-August 1, 1970. Some 1,200 girl guides attended the camp, which was addressed by the Duchess of Devonshire. The girl guides do various chores, put up tents and play games.

Title - Chatsworth July 25-August 1, 1970.

The film shows the surrounding land and hill around Chatsworth with a large campsite on one of the hills, with sheep and a farmer passing by in the foreground.

Title - Diamond Jubilee camp county of Sheffield Girl Guides

The camp stretches besides a river going up the hill. Various flags are flying.

Intertitle - Opening ceremony by Her Grace The Duchess of Devonshire County President

The girl guides are sitting on the grass next to a path waiting for the procession. Three girl guides walk across in stately fashion followed by the Duchess, an older woman and possibly the Mayor of Sheffield. They address the girl guides from a platform, with a line of older girl guides behind them facing in the opposite direction. The Duchess gives an address and leaves. The watching girl guides wait in the rain as the parade makes its way back into a large marquee. They then return to their tents. Various objects have been hung on the branches of a tree. There are model sheep and fences. There is a banner for 'Fulwood Peak Forest, Castleton Calver', with several other banners displaying symbols. Empty milk bottles are stacked up in crates. On a wooden frame pictures have been placed depicting the different dales.

The Duchess makes her way off whilst Girl Guides do country dancing. Some Girl Guides fetch water from the taps, whilst pots are cooking on a home-made stove. Guides wash up and prepare the food. Another group of guides are putting up tents. A matron stands by with a clipboard observing. The guides lay out their sleeping bags. One Girl Guide hammers in a peg on one of the marquees. Wellington boots are hung upside down on the pegs to dry. The girls relax around their tents, whilst others carry on with various activities. One shows off her Girl Guide doll. Another group are playfully grooming each other. There is a banner for 'Ashford'.

Intertitle - Visit of The Chief Guide July 29.

Guides and Brownies assemble by the marquees. A silver platter for the jubilee is held up for the camera. The Chief Guide, Lady Olave Baden-Powell, is brought out to lines of guides waiting to greet her. She addresses the assembled guides from a platform. A large cake is brought for to her to cut. The guides then run past the platform laughing and waving.

Intertitle - Crazy Sports

There is a racing game where each contestant has to stop after each few step to put on a new item of clothing. Then there is a race where the girls are grouped into three having to hold each other around the shoulders, filmed in slow motion and then speeded up. Another race involves having to carry a hot drink on a tray to a bucket, then a 'hand-cart race'. The tents are then dismantled and the guides queue for food. A pile of bags waits at the side of the road to which the guides carry left over provisions.

Intertitle - that I will do my best. .

The guides run off past the camera and the film comes to an end.
The End