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YFA 4640



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This film documents an emergency service training scenario enacted by the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police, involving their handling of an aftermath of a highly realistic rail crash in Dewsbury.

The film opens with shots of rubble on a mock rail crash site and actors playing injured parties lay beneath the debris. A group of men wearing winter jackets stand in a group beside a train carriage. A man wearing a red jacket is then shown walking down a stretch track, carrying a smoke machine that emits a thick cloud of smoke, which wafts across the incident site. A brief shot captures a shot of a clock tower off in the distance. People move around the crash site as the light begins to fade, and there is a shot which shows a very small explosion taking place in the background.

A fire engine - lights flashing - arrives at the scene along with police cars. Ambulances arrive with limited space means emergency service vehicles have difficulty manoeuvring between one another. Squad cars and fire engines are then shown pulling up to the track, before very dark shots show outlines of firemen setting to work. Medics then hover around an ambulance and converse with policemen. Close ups then show the back of several reflective jackets that have 'Nurse' printed on the back, and the camera tilts up to show male and female nurse huddling together. A police incident officer and other senior officers stand around in a group, before a large group of firemen appear.

Firemen stretcher an injured individual past the camera and set him down on the ground, where a nurse tends to him. A shot then shows a sign on the floor that reads, 'police control post', with officers standing next to a police van above. Injured individuals are then led into the back of an ambulance, while the more seriously wounded (possibly deceased) are tended to out in the open in a designated area marked out by blue canvas sheets.

Two policemen then stand over a body taking notes. More shots show officers and medics moving around the site. An officer runs past the camera, before the filmmaker focuses on an officer taking notes by a police vehicle. An officer speaks into a squad car radio. A Shot captures a group of service men in reflective clothing talking outside a police trailer, and the filmmaker zooms into the trailer to show officers moving around inside. Inside the trailer, senior officers converse with each other, while other officers sit at radio stations.

The final shots show more emergency crews moving around the scene as the exercise begin to wind down; officers move in and out of the crash zone past the orange tape the blocks off the site. The final shot shows the crews walking along the tracks away from the site.