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YFA 1748



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of a family holiday in Devon in July 1952.

Title - A Holiday in Devon

Intertitle - 5 am

The film begins showing a sunrise over some hills.  Then it shows a sign for Mount Braddon Hotel, in Torquay, and a plaque for Disreali visiting Brydges Willyams.  There is a look around the hotel and a view down onto the beach and coast from high up.  The harbour is full of boats.  In a coastal town some holidaymakers pet some ponies.  They take several shots of the narrow country lanes.  Then they go on a boat ride along the coast passing the fleet at Plymouth, including a battleship and an aircraft carrier, as well as coastal villages.  Several churches are shown.  They visit a thatched house at Cockington.  A man is sitting on a deckchair on a beach, and is then walking across a large car park and gets into his car.  They take another coastal boat ride, filming the seagulls as they follow along.  They visit Paignton Zoo.  Mrs Walton smells some flowers.  Then they take a car ferry at the harbour.  There is a lighthouse and the Sunderland Flying boat, and then a sign for the boat, “Lady Cable”.  They pass very close to HMS Illustrious (the aircraft carrier). They have a picnic out on moorland at Widecombe, where they have a caravan.

Next they take a walk around the grounds of a Cockington Court.  Then a crowd of people are stood on a beach in their swimwear holding rowing oars.  They go out on a small motor boat, visit a village and sunbath near the sea.  There is a sign for Widecombe, and then they film Cheddar Gorge.

The End.