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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1939-1941. The film captures family trips to Wales, London zoo and extended clips of the Lake District peaks.

Title - Devil's Bridge Aberystwith

The film opens with red tinted shots of valleys and waterfalls in the Welsh countryside.

Title - Tenby South Wales.

On the shorefront of Tenby, a police traffic officer watches the road, while a man in a summer suit rests against the fence with the sea behind him. Expansive views then shows Tenby Bay, capturing the people scattered along the beach, boats resting in the shallows and Tenby pier.

Title - Ingleton Falls.

A rose tinted shot captures water cascading down the steep drop of Ingleton Falls.

Title - Swans at Castle Howard.

Swans paddle beneath the camera.

Title - A visit to London Zoo 30th March 1938.

Note: Titles are followed by shots of each animal in their pens at London Zoo.

Title - Zebra
Title - Gazelle.
Title - Polar Bears.
Title - Other bears.
Title - Mountain Sheep.
Title - Snakes & Dragon.
Title - Chimpanzee.
Title - Lions.
Title - Wolf.
Title - Eagle.
Title - Flamingos.
Title - Monkies.

Title - Wendy & Heather riding on an Elephant and Camel.

An elephant plods towards the camera with several passengers and the zoo keeper on its back. The little girls are then helped off, before feeding the elephant in the following shots. The two girls dressed in brown winter jackets and matching hats, ride astride a camel, with their mother at the reins and a zoo keeper keeping pace alongside.

Title Kangaroos.
Title - Sea Lions.
Title - Penguins.

Title - R. Tweed & Heron, From Ednam house hotel Kelso.

A panning shot captures a quiet view of the River Tweed, with old stone buildings visible on the opposite bank.

Title - Gretna Green, July 1939.

Just over the Scottish border in Gretna Green, a large group of people queue for admittance outside a shop which has a sign that reads, 'This is the famous old Blacksmith shop & Marriage room'. Beside a wall to the shop, a musician in full highland dress plays the bagpipes, and a sign above him reads, 'Stop - The famous Blacksmith's shop'. A close up then shows a banner reading, 'Gretina Hall - Where 216 marriages were performed in 1938'.

Title - A 96 ton load sunk in the main road, July 1939.

Men work to hoist a truck from a hole in the road, with the following wide shot showing people gathered around.

Title - An ascent of Scawfell Pike, 24 July 1939.

The filmmaker captures shots of people climbing the tallest mountain in England, which is situated in the Lake District, Cumbria.

Title - Sourmilk Gill from Seathwaite.

Water rushes down the side of a steep, grassy slope.

Title - Stockley Bridge at foot of Styhead pass.

The filmmakers' fianc?e, Dorothy, stands on a wall of an old stone bridge that hangs over a river, wearing a green cardigan as she poses for the camera.

Title - On Styhead pass.

A woman crosses a stream using a small wooden bridge.

Title - Styhead Tarn.

Dorothy stops to look at the valley of Styhead Tarn.

Title - Above Esk Hause.

Several shot show different peaks.

Title -On and On! Dorothy & Brock.

People can be seen weaving their way up a tricky rock face.

Title - The top.

From below, the filmmaker captures Dorothy standing astride a mound of stones.

Title - Scawfell & Wastwater, Isle of Man in Distance.

An expansive view captures a mountain range of the Lake District and Lakes below.

Title - Pillar.

The following inter-titles are superseded by different views of the Peaks around the Lake District.

Title - Great Cable & Solway Firth to the left.
Title - Derwent - Water & Skiddaw.
Title - Styhead Tarn from top.
Title - Helvellyn range.
Title - Langdale Pikes.
Title - Windermere.
Title - Morecombe bay.

A view shows the sprawling oblique landscape with Morecombe bay just visible on the horizon. A man holding a staff and wearing hiking clothes (most probably the filmmaker) pats a dog as he rests on some rocks.

Title - Wastwater & Isle of Man again.
Title - Great Gable again.
Title - Descent via Lingmell.

A route slopes down in a verdant valley. Dorothy is then shown clambering down a rock.

Title - Looking back from Styhead to the top.

More views of the peaks.

Title - Descent ends via Grain Gill.

A shot captures a grassy valley littered with white stone.

Title - River Derwent & Stonethwaite Beck.

Title - Below Rosthwaite.

Looking down, the filmmaker captures the dog swimming through the water, before wide views capture the river in more detail with the Dorothy preparing to take a dip.

Title - Ascent of Great Gable 2949 Ft. 25 July, 1939.

Title - Buttermere & Crummock as seen on Brandreth.

Title - Grasmoor on right, Red pike on left.

Lakes lie beneath the various peaks which surmount the area on all sides.

Title - Ennerdale water with Pillar on left.

Another view from a peak that captures the water below.

Title - Top of Great Gable from foot of Green Gable.

The ridge of Great gable looms above a small pool of water in the foreground.

Title - The top! Wastwater & Cloud.

The outlines of two figures are visible as they reach the summit with a cloud of smoke rising up behind them. From the top, a river can be seen winding through the countryside below, while two men perch near the edge.

Title - Grummock & Cloud.

Two people can be made out in the distance, trudging up a rocky gradient with the peaks forming the horizon.

Title - Sprinkling Tarn.

Title - Cloud on Scawfell Pike 3210 FT.

Views capture the rocky landscape around Scawfell Pike, before a shot captures a man wearing shorts and hiking boots setting up a tripod on an uneven rock surface.

Title - The Langdale Pikes & Windermere.

Mr Reynolds rests on the peak, looking out across the landscape.

Title - Dorothy & Langdale Pikes.

Dorothy Reynolds poses with her walking staff on the peak.

Title - Dorothy & Helvellyn, 3118 FT.

Dorothy clutches their dog, looking out across the peak district from a tremendous height.

Title - Descenet via Honister pass.

Dorothy walks down a path through a lush, green valley.

Title - Cawfell hotel, Rosthwaite.

The opening shot in this sequence captures the exterior of the hotel and in the next shot Dorothy sits by a window ledge.

Title - The family in Farndale, April 1941.

Dorothy and two young children leap around in a field of tall daffodils.

Title - Langstrath & Skiddaw from the top of Stake Pass, 14 July, 1941.

A view of a small stream snaking between valleys.

Title - Rossett Gill Bow Fell & Great Gable from Pike O'Stickle.

Views of green peaks in the Lake District.

Title - Loft Crag Windermere, Gimmer Crag & Blea Tap.N Ditto, 14 july, 1941.

Title - Mickleden Pike O'Stickle & Great Gable from Loft Cragg, 14 July, 1941.

More views of a valley and surrounding peaks.

Title - Striding Edge Helvellyn Dorothy & Audrey, 17 July, 1941.

Shots show a path running along the ridge of the tip of a narrow peak, before a shot shows Dorothy and their daughter descending a stony gradient.

Title - Red Tarn & Ullswater from Helvellyn 17, July 1941.

Title - Bassenthwaite & Skiddaw from hellvellyn.

More views of Lake District peaks.

Title - Dale Head, Fleetwith Pike, Great Gable.

Views of the peaks named above.

Title - Great end, Scawfell Pike, Bow Fell, Coniston. From helvellyn. 17 ju. 1941.

More views of peaks, including shots of Dorothy and her daughter standing on peak; Dorothy with cigarette, while the daughter puts on her bag.

Title - Top of Kirkstone Pass, 17 July, 1941.

Dorothy and her daughter huddle in a white walled enclave, and the daughter feeds a sheep dog.

Title - Mr. Mrs. & Misses Dean C Rowntree. Mrs Heigham at Scawfell Hotel.

The group of family and friends stand before the camera with one woman rubbing a dog's belly.

Title - Mr & Mrs Dean Audrey, Barbara and Dorothy At R.Derwent. Below Rosthwaite, 18th July, 1941.

The film concludes with a shot of Dorothy and her Daughter, along with family and friends, throwing pebbles into a river.