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YFA 4164



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This film is a piece of fictional drama made by the Leeds cine group Mercury Movie Makers, directed by  Alan Sidi, and distributed with help from the Yorkshire Arts Association.  The films boasts a spectacular pyrotechnic display during the climactic sequence.

The opening shots in this film show several film camera's being adjusted and moved

Title - Mercury Movies.

A lens is changed on another film camera.

Title - A Group 16 film

At night, a white Mercedes is perused by a white triumph through various urban streets in Leeds. A rock soundtrack builds as the cutting between the two cars gets progressively faster.

Title - The Devil God.

An exterior shot shows a row terraced housing, and on the soundtrack, a radio exert contains a snippet from Alan Freedman's Saturday show, which is broadcast from BBC London. In a bare kitchen decorated with only nude pictures of women, two working class men sit at a table. Mick, wearing a flat cap plays cards with an erotically themed deck, while Leftie eats a sandwich and reads the Daily Mirror. The two men discuss a news article which relates to an art exhibition taking part in Ryestead; one of the statues on display is a cursed piece of priceless art. They plot to steal the statue.

Cutting to another house - this time far more opulently styled - David, a more debonair character, smokes a cigar as he reads the same article in the Sunday Times. His wife voices her fears concerning his intentions to also steal the cursed artefact. In the final shot of this sequence, David pulls a handgun from a draw.

The opening shot in this sequence shows an exterior shot of the Ryestead museum. Mick and Leftie arrive, and manage to gain access by climbing through an open window. The filmmaker then cuts to show David entering the 'Dynasty Exhibit', where he finds the cursed devil statue, and bypasses the alarmed glass. Spooked by the arrival of Mick and Leftie, David hides in the shadows. Mick and Leftie grab the statue, but before they can make their escapes, David appears with a handgun. He is then hit on the head by a security guard, enabling Mick and Leftie to make their getaway.

Mick and Leftie rush to their Triumph, followed closely by David whose wife waits in a Mercedes. A car chase ensues across floodlit stretches of motorway. Mick's view of the road is then blocked by an image of the cursed statue, which causes them to drive off a cliff, and the resulting impact creates a massive explosion. David arrives at the scene moments later and rushes down to retrieve the still intact statue, but just feet away he suffers a heart attack and collapses. The final shots shows David's wife sobbing over his unconscious body, and her early premonitions of an unfortunate event occurring is eerily replayed using voice over.

Credits - Cast: Mick - Cecil McNaul, Leftie - Arthur Mackman, David - Bernard Skibben, Chris - Fiona Sidi, Nightwatchman - Vic Martini.

Production: Camera - Ken Leckenby, Sound - Peter Hendry, Lighting - Reg White, Continuity - Mable Mackman, Second Camera - Myer Gorwits, Unit - Keith Overend & John Murray, Edited and Directed by Alan Sidi.

Car crash staged by - Action Incorporated, Dummies donated by - Aleandre, Cine-Sync - Sound transfers.
Title - A Group 16 production. Distributed with the assistance of the Yorkshire Arts Association.