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YFA 2944



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This film documents the different aspects of the assembly line specifically centred around the piece bundles which get passed along the line.

Opening titles - Burton Tailoring Presents
Mechanical Transportation
Introduced by L. Sherman
Design and Installation Burton Mechanical Engineering
Production and Photography Burton Photographic Unit

The film begins with a man chalking the fabric and cutting out the required design. He then bundles the pieces of fabric together and passes them on down the assembly line. Workers at different stages of the suit making process take the bundles of fabric and add to them by doing their part including various parts of sewing, steam presses, irons, and hand sewing. The bundles are moved through the factory on conveyer belts and taken to the appropriate location. In the centre of the factory there is a quality control room in which a man tries on the first make of his suit jacket. Further adjustments and pinnings are made and the suit is sent back for adjusting. The finished jackets are hung on an overhead conveyer rail and individually inspected.