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This is a film made by the Rev. David Simpson of the heritage steam railway on the Derwent Valley Light Railway just prior to its final closure. A narrator provides some background information on the Railway.

Apple Films Present: Derwent Valley Light Railway

Filmed by David Simpson

The film begins with a narrator relating the history of the railway line which was used mainly to carry goods traffic. It shows the line at Layerthorpe Station. A part of the line is filmed from the footplate of a steam locomotive. A shunter jumps off the loco and disconnects the screw coupling attaching the loco to the wagons. Passengers queue for tickets and the guard waves the train off. The narrator explains that passenger services stopped on this line in 1926.

The train is filmed on its journey through the countryside and along track overgrown with weeds. At one point the guard gets off and works a level crossing. The train arrives at the last stop on the route, Dunnington. Passengers get off to take refreshment before the return journey. The train is then filmed from a camera position on the tracks, so that the underneath is filmed as it passes by. A couple of boys wave to the train as it goes underneath a bridge. It arrives at another station where the track is overgrown and wagons are rusting.

The End