Film ID:
YFA 4444



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This footage comes from a set of five films which were shot by pupils of Ellerby Lane Primary School in Leeds between 1951-1953. This particular piece of film shows pupils getting onto a coach to go on a trip.

Pupils walk out of the school gates and onto a bus. Some wave out of the back window as it drives away. On the back is painted: "London Wallace and Arnold Tours Ltd. Leeds. Bradford. Scarborough." There is also a GB sticker. The registration is: "PNW 943".

The camera then observes the view from the front window, giving a bumpy ride for the viewer down a typical street in Leeds. The road is cobbled, and the bus passes an open top car and a lorry. There is a sign post on the side of the road, one legible arrow pointing out the way to the A661. This sequence shows an excellent street view.