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YFA 2166



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This film includes brief footage of a golf tournament, family scenes, and dental work being carried out on a number of patients with varying problems including a bilateral fracture of the maxilla.

The film starts with shots of a golf tournament. A man tees off, and a group of men make their way through the course. Some stand near the hole as a man tries to chip the ball in from the edge of the hill. There is a brief shot of two people in the snow before returning to scenes of golf.

Title - Denny

A man hits the golf ball while his caddy stands close by. There is a brief shot of men selling newspapers on the corner of a city street. This is followed by a very short piece of a toddler shot in Dufay Colour. The toddler plays with a toy dog in the garden, and there is a brief clip of a baby eating followed by a woman in a party dress cutting a large layer cake.

There are views of Scarborough sea-front with huge winter waves. Adults run along the sea wall getting splashed. Cars are shown driving through the waves. Some of the footage is tinted blue.

The final sequence is of a dental process. There are close ups of a man with his mouth open and teeth visible. (The filmmaker was a hospital dentist at St James's Hospital in Leeds.)

Title - Case 2 Bilateral fracture of the Maxilla Treatment Inter-dental eyelet wiring.

The man is shown with new teeth.

Title - After reduction

There are full frame shots of gums and teeth, and the man smiles to show gums and teeth. There are more close ups of dental work including a boy with wired teeth. The film closes with shots of a dental mould.