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YFA 4871



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This is a film made by Mexborough Technical College teacher George Spurr of school trip to Denmark, taking his nephew David Tyas with him.

The film begins with a group of people standing by a bus carrying an advert for Gordon’s Gin.  There is a group of older female students on the deck of a ship, going from Newcastle.  Male students are looking over the side as the ferry makes its way out to sea.  The students mill about during the crossing, with some taking notes.  They arrive in Denmark, passing a steam locomotive stood at a railway station.  The students walk around Copenhagen city centre, stopping to sit next to a large fountain.  They walk down to the coast and take photos of the Little Mermaid statue.  The film focuses on two boys, the younger one David, in particular as they wander around the city.

They then visit a zoo before going swimming in the sea, with teachers watching from the beach.  The boys mess about in the sand and are then in an indoor swimming pool.  Two boys are shown walking across a park with their swimming gear.  They visit other tourist places and are seen at the entrance of what looks like a school.  A man, possibly a teacher or a guide, gets a group of boys singing as they stand next to a coach.  A group of men take photographs, and they continue to visit other places along the coast and in Copenhagen, including the Tivoli Gardens.  Some of them stop at a café to have ice creams.  They take a boat trip along the coast to Sweden.

The film switches to show a game of football between older students and a local team, and then a knockabout with some younger boys.  A group of female students and other adults watch the match.  There is a boy on a scooter.  The two teams and the watching spectators walk off.  More of the city suburbs are filmed, with a boy walking around a park with a lake.  There is a brief look at some boys before a shot of the war memorial brings the film to an end.