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YFA 815



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Part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection, this is a film taken of the Denby Dale Pie Festival, an annual event which takes place in Denby Dale near Huddersfield. The festival is famous because the pie makers bake a huge pie each year, parade it through the village on the back of a lorry and then hand out portions of the pie to the many people who have come from far and wide for the day.

The film opens on a sign which reads `Denby Dale Pie, Sept. 5th 1964, the Largest in the World'. A couple of people walk along a road and the camera pans to capture shots of the surrounding countryside and of a marquee pitched in a field in the distance. A car drives under a large viaduct and the camera pans around to show the many terraced houses that look onto the viaduct.

Some women stand outside a building and look in the window. The shot cuts to inside what appears to be a factory with a `Pickford's' machine. Some men in white coats are working to make the pie and one of the men waves. There is a very brief shot of a woman walking along a road and then crossing it.

The next section takes place at the festival where a large crowd of people have gathered in a field for the festival. A procession with a brass band, floats, people in costumes and a lorry carrying the huge pie, makes their way between the crowds. There are close up shots of many of the other floats in the procession.

Following this, the camera is now in the middle of the spectators and captures footage of the lorry as it drives further down the field and then stops. There are shots of men on the truck stirring something while women are serving portions of pie on tables set up in front of the lorry. A man and a woman both eat the pie off plates and smile at the camera.