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YFA 1944



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Made by Bradford Institute of Technology, this film shows the demolition of Carlton Street School and houses to make way for the construction of the new Main Building for the Institute.

The film begins showing the outside of the school, and a close up of one of the towers.  The building is quite black in places.  Some students stand near the main entrance.  One side of the school stands derelict with many broken windows and parts of the walls knocked down.  Inside too some of the building has parts broken away.  The building is shown again after much of it has been demolished.  A bulldozer knocks down the wall of a back garden while workers knock out some bricks from a house wall, through which they insert a cable which gets tied around the base of the house.  This is attached to the bulldozer which then pulls the back end of the house down. A cloud of dust erupts.  After the dust has settled the workers clear away the rubble.  They then get to work using a similar procedure to knock down a part of the school building.  

The filmmaker captures various stages of the building demolishment.  At one point only the front of the building remains, with Bradford city centre seen in the background.  The film focuses in on the words written at the top of the remaining wall, ‘Carlton Street Board Schools 1888’.  This too is then pulled down by a steel cable, with a close-up showing the broken lettering.

The film then shows the site and the surrounding area having been cleared.  Surveyors survey the land, and the site is shown again with the ground having been levelled.  The building group ‘Otty’ work on the site with cranes digging a large trench, revealing the foundations and dumping the waste into lorries. An Earle’s Cement lorry delivers bags of cement, Snowcem, and the footings are filled with cement.

The film switches to show a new building in construction with large cranes at work erecting the structure.  With the building about half complete, the films shows a model of how the new building will look and the film comes to an end.