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YFA 2684



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Made by the Doncaster Movie Makers Club, this a comedy fiction film set on a residential street. It tells the story of a cheeky young lad who tampers with a man's car.

Title - Doncaster cine guild present.

Title - A delayed start.

The film opens on a residential street where a car pulls over. A man exits the car and lifts the bonnet. Realising the car has overheated, the man heads inside to replenish the water. While the man is inside the house, a young boy wearing shorts and a white shirt comes up and removes a small part from the engine. The young boy sits on top of a wall watching as the man returns and attempts to get the engine running again.

As the car won't start, the man and tries to repair the engine himself, and after several unsuccessful attempts, enlists the help of two other men. The young boy chews gum and is clearly amused as the men fiddle with various parts of the engine.

The men try to push car, and then tow it around the block in order to try to give it a jump start. However, the engine still refuses to start. Just as the man is about to give up, the young boy steps in and fixes the engine. The man is so delighted that he hands the kid some money. The final shots show the boy looking at the money and another parked car; no doubt foreshadowing that he will use the trick again.

Title - The end.