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YFA 4947



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Made Dennis Leather, a member of Vixen Films, this film shows some of the Deepcar Gala which includes events such as with children’s fancy dress and adults playing crazy games.  It also features a children’s Christmas party and the Florence Buildings in Deepcar.

The film begins with a woman walking up a street on a hill with her two children, followed by many more mothers with their children, some of the children in fancy dress.  They arrive at a field with marquees and a woman and man addressing the crowd.  The children line up for the fancy dress competition, and the woman hands out prizes to them.  The children then perform a dance around a maypole, and children and adults compete in an obstacle race, followed by a wheelbarrow race and several other crazy games.

The film switches indoors to a children’s Christmas party, with all the children wearing hats.  They each go up to Santa to receive a present.   
The film switches again to show some shops on a main road and other parts of the town.

Intertitle – Florence Buildings

Some derelict houses are shown, including a boarded up grocery shop, with A R Smith above the door, and the film comes to an end.