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YFA 2784



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Taken by Doughty's Ltd of Hull, this film documents a commemorative parade for members of the Humberside Police Force who died in World War Two.

Rows of police officers walk along a road; they are all very sombre and are dressed in their full uniforms. The Lord Mayor, the Sheriff, members of Watch Committee and civic officials are also marching in this parade. Many of the officials are wearing robes of office and carry many items including a sword; they march along behind the policemen. They all file into Holy Trinity Church and are followed by many more groups of policemen, men in suits and senior members of the police force.

In the next shot the various groups file out of the church and gather outside. A senior policeman waits around and looks at the camera. The mayoral officials can be seen in rows behind him. Suddenly the nod is given and the police marching band start, led by the drum major. They make their way down the road playing music followed by the various groups of police officers in two very long, straight rows. As they march down the road the passers-by stop to watch the parade.

The next shot takes place inside a building and the senior member of the police force is standing in front of a British flag which is mounted on the wall; he pulls on a cord and reveals two engraved plaques. He steps back to join the rest of his group and is given a wreath to hang beside the plaques. Some other senior police officers look at the camera and talk to each other. There are shots of clergy, lawyers, policemen and men in suits lining the walls and stairway around the plaque. A priest shakes the hands of some of the policemen and there is a final shot of the plaques.

Title-The End.