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YFA 3857



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Made by students at the Norfolk School in Sheffield, Dead Easy is a short action film which involves a deadly high speed chase.

Title - Norfolk School Film Unit Presents "Dead Easy"
Staring Mark Porter and David Ashmore.
Camera, Russell Holliday and Michael Hill.
Jimmy Nash - Trevor Harmes
Paul Thompson - Michael Marshall
Michael Dianigan - Alan Fields
Terence Holmes - Brian Clarke
Paul Yeomans - Barry Woodhouse
Alan Parkin - Sean Fiander
Ernest Cooper - Martin McCullagan
Kevan Yeardley.

The film begins with two boys walking across a playing field carrying red rucksacks. At the corner of the road they are joined by three other boys wearing rucksacks. The boys walk through the school gates together and walk towards a red mini bus into which they climb.

Next to the mini bus a man gets out of a blue car and loads a red rucksack into the van before getting into the driver's seat and driving the van away (NNK 858D).

As the mini bus drives out of the school site, they pass two suspicious looking men who are sitting on the wall. The mini bus leave the school grounds and the two men walk back to wear the blue car is parked and get into it.

The mini bus stops at the side of the roundabout, and the driver gets out and walks into a shop. The two men in the blue car start the engine and drive away.

On the main road the two men in the blue car drive past the mini bus on the round about one of the students sees the stolen car and gets out warning their driver. They both run back to the mini bus and speed off after the stolen car through residential streets.

After a high speed chase the two men decide to stop down a country road, abandon the car and run off.

The mini bus pulls to the side of the road behind the car and the driver and all of the students chase after the two men. The students chase the men over rocks, hills, through a valley, over a stream until the two men race to the top of a high cliff with no escape. The students catch up to the men and as they back away from them one of the men falls backwards off the cliff and crashes into the rocks below. The students look down at the injured man in horror. They then walk back to the mini bus with the other guilty man and the injured man laid out on a stretcher. The students get into the mini bus with the guilty man and the injured man and drive away leaving the blue car still parked at the side of the road.

Title - The End.