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YFA 3691



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This film is from the Cyril Higginson collection and contains footage of various well-known Yorkshire locations including Bolton Abbey, Knaresborough and Scarborough.

The film opens with shots of men, women and children walking through a stone archway at Bolton Abbey. There is a shot taken from a height looking down on to a big, grassy area. There are shots of the ruins, well-kept grounds and a long footpath with people walking along it. A woman walks through another stone archway and this is followed by a close up of some more of the abbey ruins. There is a panning shot which takes in the ruined buildings and the surrounding grounds.

A bridge crosses over a river and lots of people walk along it. There are stepping stones going from one side of the river to the other side and a man in a suit walks along them. Several boys and a girl also cross over using the stepping stones.

A car drives under a stone bridge and along a road in the direction of the camera. This is followed by shots of the sunset taken from the top of a hill looking down.

The next section is in Knaresborough, where there is a panning shot taken from one of a bridge looking down to the river and the viaduct. There are a lot of people walking along the paths beside the water as well as people out in the row boats.

A garden is full of people and huge amounts of flowers of all types and colours; they grow in neat groups and there are lingering shots of the many flower beds. There are shots of a woman who walks along beside the flower displays, admiring them.

Then the scene changes to Scarborough where the camera is on the top of the hill looking down along the coastline and onto the beaches and pier. There are close up shots of small boats in the harbour and of the almost empty beach. There is a sculpture of a girl on a fountain in a park and the reflection can be seen in the water.

In the harbour, fishermen are busy working on their boats. There are also shots taken up at Scarborough castle, looking down onto the sea far below. There are several stands along the promenade which are selling kippers, crab and many other types of fish.
From the sea front the camera looks up to the hill towards the Grand Hotel. The final shot is of a digger which is at the side of the harbour, grabbing mud from the sea bed removing it.