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YFA 2353



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This amateur film was made by a Wakefield-based businessman and chronicles a trip made by him and his family to a variety of churches, abbeys and cathedrals around Yorkshire. These include Beverly and York Minster and the ruins of Fountains and Whitby Abbey.

Starts in COLOUR

The family are walking along the moor; they stand on a hill looking at the camera and then wander down the path and get into the car.

Next section in B & W

They walk along a forest path and the scene cuts to a town with a bridge over the river. There is an old building built into the bridge and there are panning shots of the area showing the traffic on the bridge.


This is in COLOUR

A brief shot of a town centre with a church tower in the background and some Tudor-style buildings.

Title-Beverley Minster.

This section is in B & W

A large cathedral is in the background of a townscape; the camera captures the scale of it.

This is in COLOUR

This is followed by another shot of it.

This is in B & W

Title-Hope Church Nr Castleton

There is a shot of a church and graveyard.

Title-York Minster.

The section opens with shots taken from the Lendal Bridge area looking up at the Minster. Crowds of people file out of St. Wilfrid's Church nearby and there are many cars parked beside the Minster.

Title-Fountains Abbey

Crowds of visitors walk along the grounds with the abbey ruins in the background. There are shots of the building as well as the various groups of people. There are some shots of the family walking through some of the archways and a little girl does several forward rolls in the direction of the camera. Some more shots of the cloisters, archways and walls.

Title-Bolton Abbey & Stepping Stones

There is a shot of some of the ruins and then of the group standing on stones going all the way across. There is a shot of the bridge that goes across the river and the shingle beach beside it.

Title-Whitby Abbey.

This is in COLOUR

There is a selection of shots of the abbey.

This section is in B & W

Title-Byland Abbey

There are shots of the ruined front wall of the abbey and in front of the building, there are people walking along a country road towards the camera.