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YFA 3910



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This film shows a variety of activities that the family enjoys during 1954 and 1955. The family goes on fishing trips to the weir at Easter 1955, tennis matches, visit the Bramham Moor Point to Point races in 1955 and trials at Harewood House in 1954.

The film opens with a boy who stands on the edge of a river, and a longhaired dog swims across the river to the other side. A boy walks along the weir with fishing equipment; cows graze on the riverbanks. Further downstream the other boy sets up his line. The boy standing on the weir casts his line out into the water. Having caught a fish, the boy on the weir pulls his line back and scoops the fish into a net. On the riverbank, the boy shows the fish that he has caught before he casts his line out from the weir again.

Crowds of people are gathered next to a hedge hurdle watching the horses jump over it. A boy wearing a jacket and shorts runs across the field. The mother and father stand near the hedge, and the father looks through a pair of binoculars. The crowds of people gather around a horse that has fallen over after jumping the hurdle.

Wrong speed - A boy and girl play a game of tennis on the orange tennis courts. This is followed by a mixed doubles match between the father, two boys and the girl.

There is a large stone house, and at the bottom of the garden is a long and winding river. The father and the boy sit on a stone bank. A man stands in the river fishing.

The two boys sit at a table in the living room where he is reading books. The father is sitting in an armchair reading a magazine. On the lawn of the hotel, people are playing games. At the top of the steps looking down at the lawn, the mother sits talking to a man on a bench. Hills and woodland surround the hotel.

Two cars are parked outside a house (OWU 113 - UUA 165). The mother stands in the doorway of the house. The car is driven around the front of the house and down the driveway (OWU 113). Two boys wearing kilts stand on the lawn with the mother, father, sister and the dog.

Crowds of people are gathered in a large field near marquees. The boy walks from the racecourse with his sister who is wearing a red suit. The horses are walked around the paddock by the trainers showing them to the crowds that have gathered. The two brothers stand together watching the horses being ridden by the jockeys down the racecourse to the starting line. The race begins and the jockeys ride their horses down the track and over hurdles. The two boys watch the horse race through their binoculars. The horses jump over the hurdle the boys are standing next to, and race off down the track. Jockey number 29 races along the track alone and turns in a field to parade in front of the spectators. The jockeys ride their horses and make them jump over a hurdle made out of stacks of hay bales.

In the snow-covered garden, a squirrel gathers food. Several birds flock to a bird table to eat. Several birds eat from a feeder that hangs from a tree. The squirrel forages in the snow for food and climbs up a nearby tree and onto the bird table to take the food. The father runs with the longhaired dog in the snow covered fields. The son throws snow into the dogs face. The film closes as the two brothers run around the field with the dog.