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NEFA 21611



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This film by Lilian Wincote of South Shields is of a visit to Ravello, a resort town set 365 metres above the Tyrrhenian Sea by Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and is home to iconic cliffside gardens.

Title: A Day In Ravello

The camera looks down from a hotel window to show a busy road below running alongside the coast. A coach turns a sharp corner and travels down the road. General views and travelling shots show countryside taken from the coach.

The coach comes to a halt and the passengers get off. General views follow of a street of whitewashed cottages going up a steep hill. Various views show local buildings and the mountainous countryside. Street scenes show a 'medieval' arch over a street. A close up of a clock tower of a church is followed by interior shots. A road sign reads 'Villa Rufolo'. General views follow of more old churches and buildings.

A woman enjoys the sun on a balcony. From the balcony she looks down on formal gardens. A gardener prunes some flowers, followed by more high angle views of the garden . A woman walks amongst the flower beds.

General views follow of people playing a ball game, children in local costume and holidaymakers and residents walking through the streets. General views of streets and a shot of the coastline follow, then views of  flowers and shrubs.

A close view shows sculpted fountains(?) and small statues. General views show activities in the streets. A man climbs a ladder to hang lanterns across a street. Other buildings are decorated with flowers and greenery. A man bakes bread(?) with the flames within a clay oven can be clearly seen. The film ends with a high angle view of the local coastline.

Title: The End