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YFA 4095



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Made by members of the Halifax Cine Club, this is a documentary film about floods in Lynmouth and Lynton in August 1952. The film is accompanied by a commentary.

Title - H&M Films The Day The Rains Came Produced by Michael and Harold Baker; commentary Bernard Roache; animation Robin Dance

The film begins with a map showing Devon and Cornwall highlighting Lynmouth and Lynton and then a sign for the two villages. The estuary and river at Lynmouth is shown, together with a row of deckchairs and the cliff railway. People are boarding the railway, with the commentary explaining its history and working. Others are looking down onto the water trickling down the rocks. The film then gives an account, using animation, of the huge rainfall of 9 inches in August 1952 that resulted in the flood. There are images of the flowing water and of clouds against a background of the dramatic music of the Ride of the Valkyries. There are then photographs of the tragic aftermath with a devastated village, contrasted with how it looks now, relating how 34 people were killed. Some of the press headlines of the time are shown and the film explains that new roads were built and the river deepened. A memorial was made at the site of two destroyed houses by the Australian government in memory of two Australian girls holidaying there who were killed. There is a sign for the Glen Lyn Gorge. Children are playing on swings overlooking the sea and the film ends showing the memorial to the tragedy.

The End