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YFA 5596


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Children spend a day at their grandparents’ house in Hull.

A blonde girl under two years of age in pink is sat on the grass in a suburban back garden.  An older boy next to her hands her a daisy.

A woman stands next to the open blue door at the back of the house.  She sits on a deck chair and is joined by a much older lady in black dress.  There is a close up shot of the young blonde girl pre-walking age shuffling along the grass.  A boy wearing blue shorts and red jumper runs up and sits next to her.

There is then a close up of a boy in white T-shirt and the girl posing for the camera.  An old man with glasses and slicked back hair appears in the scene and he is hoeing a flower bed.  The two women watch in amusement as the girl shuffles along the lawn.

There are more shots of the three children playing.  The older man then holds the girl up by the wrists supporting her as she takes some first steps.