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YFA 4773



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The film documents a day in the life of a boarding student at Bootham School, York. Featuring views of the students living quarters at Penn House, former residence of Joseph Rowntree, the filmmaker captures the students' morning routine, through to lessons and finishing with leisure time, which included excursions into the city centre.

Title - Bootham school 1975

Title - A day in the life of a Penn House boy.

Title - Featuring Joe Smith

Title - With Mark Bradnum, Mike Caldwell, Martin Isaac, Jen Mackley, Mike Pochin, Dincan Priestner.

The film opens with an exterior view of the Penn House dormitory, before a shot inside shows students asleep. A close up captures a thumb pressing a bell and a student gets up and dressed. The dressed student proceeds to wake another boy up by ripping his duvet away. The boys then leave the dorm and cross a busy street.

Title - Breakfast.

Boys gather around a wooden table eating bread and cereal. Following a close up of a clock with the time at 8:40, and an elevated view captures students drifting into the Bootham School hall. Inside, the students gather on wooden chairs as a teacher settles on stage to take assembly.

Title - Morning classes.

At their desks, students sit in rows listening attentively to the teacher, who holds two animal skulls in his hand. More shots show students making their way through workbooks, before the sequence closes with a view of a clock at 10:55.

Title - Break.

In the playground, students take slices of bread from a wicker basket, before the filmmaker captures them playing cricket. A brief shot shows a group of students standing by a worksite, watching a labourer go about his business. A close up of a student writing out lines is followed by shots of a chemistry lesson; students stand around a workbench as an experiment involves highly combustible material chemical being ignited takes place. More views of lessons continue with views of a maths teacher standing in front of a blackboard filled with equations.

Title - Dinner.

A brief sequence shows a student's enjoying fish, chips and peas in the cafeteria. The students then exit the school and head off into town stopping to get sweets from a shop opposite Bootham Bar. A close up of the close shows the time is 1:50.

Title - Afternoon classes.

Several shots Capture teachers addressing students, before the action turns to a sports field where the filmmaker captures students playing cricket as some take turns in the nets. A session in the pool is also briefly filmed, with students taking turns to dive into the indoor pool. The sequence concludes with a shot of the clock, which shows the time is now 4:50.

Title - General leave - into the city.

The sequence opens with the boys sitting around the fountain outside York city art gallery, before walking down a busy road with double decker busses - making their way away from the minster. They then sit on the banks of the river Ouse, below Lendal Bridge, sunbathing and throwing rocks into the river. The action returns again to the swimming pool; there are shots of the boys changing beforehand, one boy being pushed into the pool, and others of the games they play. A close up shows the clock again, this time that hands now show it to be 6:30.

Title - Tea.

The dinner consists of bake beans, sausage and bread, and the boys sit down and tuck in.

Title - Prep.

A student sits at his desk completing his homework, before the action moves outside where a couple of kids try to fix a bicycle, while others play football. The clock then shows the time is 8:50, and the following shot shows the exterior of the dorm house. Inside, two boys play chess before the bell rings and the boys take baths and showers. A view then shows the Minster at dusk. A student is then shows brushing his teeth.

Title - and so to bed.

The shot shows a student asleep in bed.

Title - The End.