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YFA 3390



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This is a fictional film made by Roy Vickers of an adventure of two boys who rescue a lamb.

Title: 'Day of the Lamb'

The film opens with two boys who give up fishing in a small pond and make their way to a larger pond, or dam. Further along the bank on an older boy with proper fishing tackle puts a catch into his net. As they walk across some fields, they find a lamb with its head caught in a fence. They rescue the lamb and take it off down a country lane discussing what to do with it. After taking the lamb across some fields they take it into the town to get it some food. They take it into a caf? and feed it milk from a bottle. After leaving the caf? the boys pass a church where they see a sign stating, 'Behold the lamb of God'. On the strength of this they take the lamb up to the church where a wedding is in progress. Just as the wedding couple are pronounced man and wife the lamb lets out a bleep and the bride throws down her bouquet in despair.

Later on as they walk through the village they pass a butcher's shop and decide to try to sell it. But the butcher throws them out pointing to a sign that says 'New Zealand Lamb'. This gives them the idea of travel, so they go to a travel agents where they pick up a brochure for New Zealand. Next they sneak back home and pack a suitcase and make their way to an airport. But as they begin to go up the stairs into the airplane the pilot orders them off. At this point a policeman arrives and orders them into his car, they drive off and the police car pulls up next to a field. The boys set the lamb down and it re-unites with its mother. The policeman has driven off so the boys run across the field in joy.

Credits: 'The Boys: Duncan Lally, Tom Lally, The lamb "Larry".' 'Camera: Roy Vickers' 'RTV Production 1981'