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NEFA 14247



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Local topical newsreel showing street scenes around the town of Houghton-le-Spring near Sunderland, a gathering of elderly residents, and a garden fete at the local vicarage.

Title: A Day in Houghton-Le-Spring.

Street scenes on Newbottle Street filmed from outside M. T. Davidson’s shop (25-31 Newbottle Street), looking first north then south. View of the Grand Theatre on the corner of Grey Street and Newbottle Street.

Title: 92 and still going strong.

A group of old men and women embrace and shake hands with one another. The women then line up and pose for the camera.

A family poses outside their one storey home. A policeman walks down the road just in front of a couple who walk with linked arms. As the couple approach the camera, the woman wipes her face with her skirts.

Title: Garden Fete at the Rectory.

View of the front of the Rectory. Staff and guests or visitors line up outside the front of the building to be photographed. A man in the centre of the picture is holding a dog. The fete is being set up in a garden. Bunting and Union flags hang from posts. A string band plays on a stage. At a coconut shy-type sideshow game, a man knocks off two objects.