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This comical film uses the character of Davy Crockett to show how one must be road aware in these new times where cars are faster than before.

Title-Photography by Det. Sgt Jacketts, Produced by Insp. T. Middleyard by permission of the Chief Constable.

Title-Presented by the Kingston-Upon Hull Road Safety (Special) Committee.

Title-Davy Crockett, P.C. John Wilson, Musical items by Clifton Street Girls School, Guitar-Jack Whitfield.

Davy Crockett comes up over a hill and rides down the other side onto a main road; he has no idea how to ride safely among the traffic. He dismounts and walks up to a sign which reads `Kingston-Upon Hull'. A young boy with a dog walks up to him and Davy roughly grabs some of his hair and talks to the boy. They sit down on the grass and watch the traffic drive by, then Davy gets back up on his horse and rides into Kingston-Upon Hull.

The voice over comments on everything that Davy Crockett does, what he sees and how strange he must find the place that he has ended up in.

Davy rides into the town, ties his horse to a bus stop and walks away. A bus drives up the road but can't pull in at it because of the horse. Davy comes back across the road and has a fight with t bus driver who wants him to move his horse. He eventually unties it and beings the horse to a fountain and lets it have a drink. He wanders around the town and ties the horse to the light pole at the pedestrian crossing; a woman comes up to him and makes him move the horse.

There are many good views of some of the suburbs of Hull including views of the residential streets, cars of the time and the trolley buses.

Davy rides around the town, not paying attention to signs or the traffic on the roads. He rides straight through junctions and pedestrian crossings and gets angry when people yell at him. He comes across a man in a stationary car and asks him if he can have a go in his car; the man agrees and Davy tries unsuccessfully to move any distance down the road. He asks a woman if he can have a go on her moped which he manages to do with more skill.

In the final scene Davy Crockett runs into a Road Safety talk and says a few words to the audience. He gets back on his horse and goes back to the countryside and rides off to where he came from.

Title-The End