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YFA 769



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This film documents some 'Holidays at Home' events at Lister Park, Bradford during World War II. Included is footage of sheep dog trials and fancy dress parades.

The film opens with a sheep dog trial at a stadium in Bradford where a large crowd watches a man and his dog herd sheep into pens. A tannoy is set up and the judges sit nearby. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bradford hand out prizes to the winners.

The film then moves to Lister Park, where a children's fancy dress parade is taking place. The children line up on a stage wearing colourful fancy dress costumes including Little Bo Peep and a Naval Officer. There are several dignitaries judging the competition and they talk to one another as the parade passes. One of the judges has a badge which reads `City of Bradford Holidays at Home Committee, 1944'. In the next shot the children are lined up on the grass; one of the girls has a sign which reads 'Forces Favourite'.

There is a parade of women in different international costumes from Europe, America and Asia. Following this is a fashion show of 1940s fashions and a parade of war brides' dresses follows.

Later, the filmmaker's son appears outside a house in fancy dress top hat and tails. The film closes at Frizinghall Primary School where many of the children are taking part in a fancy dress procession. They all walk out of the school gates and past the camera wearing costumes ranging from fairy tale characters to a pillar box and a Punch and Judy act.