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YFA 1886



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This is two separate films.  The first film is a comedy skit based on the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’  It features an exhausted man struggling across a ‘desert’, and is accompanied by the theme music of that film.  The second documents the demolition of the two cooling towers of Kirkstall Power Station.

Horizon Films presents:  ‘David of Arabia’

The film opens on a scorching hot day with a young man in torn shirt looking exhausted, walking over sandy terrain, and drinking from a water cask.  He falls to the ground and looks up to see large, rocky mountains.  He continues, crawling over the sand, stops takes off his shirt, and drinks more water.  Leaving his shirt and shoes behind, he carries on, collapses with the heat, and takes off his vest.  Finding his water casket empty he throws it away.  Finally he comes upon a woman in a bikini who hands him an ice lolly with the words, ‘where the hell have you been?  It’s very nearly melted!’

With apologies to Peter O’Toole.

The End

The second film begins with a sign for Kirkstall Power Station.  The commentator states that it is Good Friday, 13th April, 1979.  The two 250 feet cooling towers, standing since 1931, are about to be demolished.  The demolition contractors make their final preparations.  A crowd of people, many of whom have cameras, looks on from a distance.  After an explosion, the towers collapse one after the other, which produce cheering from the watching crowd.  The film then surveys the wreckage of the towers before providing a repeat showing of their demolition.

The End.