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YFA 5642



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This short film by Eric Hall offers a trip around the historic buildings of Oxford University, looking inside some of the college grounds.

The film opens with an illustrated map of medieval Oxford.

Title – A Hallmark Production

Title – Dark Blue

Title – Photographed and edited by J Eric Hall

The map displays the various colleges and museums of Oxford, including a timeline with notable Oxonians across the top. A guidebook is seen along with various college crests. The university crest is in an individual frame, with the motto ‘Dominus illumination mea’ or ‘The Lord is my light’.

Broad Street is seen from the top of the Sheldonian Theatre, and a young man looks into the windows of Blackwell’s bookshop, which has a display of books about Oxford. He enters the shop and then exits with a book in brown paper. Sitting on a bench, he removes the paper from the book, which is titled ‘Portrait of Oxford’ by A.F. Kersting and Marcus Dick.

The young men enters the blue gates of a college, possibly Trinity, inside which women cross the courtyard. A building site is part of Nuffield College, which the commentary explains was founded in 1937 and has been finished since the making of this film. A church tower is seen, noted in the commentary to be the spire of St Mary’s church. To the right are the façades of All Souls and Queen’s Colleges. Ornate spires are seen from the road, and the young man strolls around another quad. He opens the book to a page with photographs of Oriel College, and then crosses the college’s neatly kept courtyard, entering through an intricately decorated portico.

The later buildings of Keble College are seen from outside, and the man enters and exits various doorways and courtyards. Details of the 19th century buildings are seen, including the cross atop the chapel and a coat of arms above a doorway.

The man turns the book to a page about Christ Church College. The coat of arms is seen on the railings along with the gardens of various buildings. Inside the Great Quad, more commonly known as Tom Quad, the ornamental pond with its statue of Mercury is seen. A large fish swims in the pond. The young man closes the book, which has a dark blue cover.

Title – The End