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YFA 2237



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This film is a fast-paced crime thriller that was the first of many chase films with which the Sheffield Photo Company established an international reputation.

The film begins with a burglar who breaks into a country house after scaling the garden wall, but he is spotted by a boy who runs to the police station to raise the alarm. Two policemen scale the wall, one catches up with the burglar on the roof. After a struggle, the policeman is thrown to the ground and his body is stretchered into an ambulance summoned by his colleague. The burglar escapes from a struggle with another policeman on a country road. Two policemen chase him down a hillside and across a stream. He escapes his pursuers by boarding a train as it leaves a station platform, but a policeman is waiting for him at a station further down the line. The policeman overpowers him with the aid of a porter.