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YFA 766



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This film is part of the Sharp collection and consists of amateur footage of a dance at the Eccleshill Mechanics Institute, Bradford. As well as the dance the film shows a greyhound race and a Girl Guide pageant.

The film opens with a shot of men and women dancing at the Eccleshill Mechanics Institute Hall. The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cecil Barnett, and the Mayoress are in attendance and give prizes to the best dancing couples. They then lead off a procession of dancing couples around the hall.

The film then moves to the Greenfield Racetrack where Greyhound Racing is taking place. Many people are watching from the stands and the dogs are first paraded around in front of the spectators before they race against each other.

The next sequence shows the St. Hilda Girl Guides pageant which takes place in a playground. The guides stand in neat lines watched by a crowd of seated spectators. There is a semaphore display followed by marching. They then carry out a first aid exercise on fellow Brownies who pretend to be injured.

The film then moves to the centre of Bradford where the Mayor attends a dinner which includes many other dignitaries; a photographer records the proceedings.