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YFA 3510



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A film made by local filmmaker Ernest Taylor just after the Second World War tracing a journey across Wensleydale.

Titles: 'Huddersfield Cine Club (affiliated to the I.A.C.)' 'Wensleydale in September' 'Wensleydale extends from Hawes to about Jervaulx Abbey' 'We will first visit Hawes at the head of the Dale'

The film begins with a group of cows and sheep standing on a country lane facing a parked car. It then shows a river running through some fields before a church nestled in the valley.

Intertitle: 'Nearby is Hardraw Scar on the way to Buttertubs Pass' A woman is walking along the river towards Hardraw Scar on a wet and windy day with the water from the Fall creating a lot of spray.

Intertitle: 'The curious Buttertubs' A white car is parked on the side of the road overlooking a waterfall and the rock formations of Buttertubs.

Intertitle: 'Lower down lies Bainbridge with its village green and stocks' The village of Bainbridge is seen from across the river, before moving to the village green where there are a couple of horses and a truck drives by. One of the horses is grazing by a set of stocks.

Intertitle: 'the Forest Horn, still sounded during the dark months' Outside the Rose and Crown pub a man is blowing the ancient Forest Horn.

Intertitle: 'Past the falls to Semerwater to Stalling and old Stalling Busk Church' Looking over the falls at Bainbridge, then the bridge over the river, before looking at the hills at the far side of Semerwater lake. A white car crosses a pool of water and then the ruins of Stalling Busk Church and its graveyard.

Intertitle: 'Besides the lake is Askrigg where cheese is made' Askrigg is seen nestling in the valley, and then 'The Old Hall' on the main road through the village. Then a group of children are standing in front of a memorial/water pump next to St Oswald's Church, Askrigg, with a car parked behind them. Next the Wesleyan Chapel is shown from higher up the hill (when the two front steeples were still in place). The film then moves on to a cheese making creamery showing the cheese being wrapped.

Intertitle: 'A short walk takes us to Mill Gill (& we make friends on the way)' After showing a white cat and her two fluffy kittens, a woman is shown walking over a bridge across a stream leading to Mill Gill Force.

Intertitle: 'Further down the dale is Aysgarth. The falls in spate' A women stands next to a white car parked by a river. Then we see a St Andrew's Church Aysgarth, followed by Aysgarth waterfalls and mill. Then a man walks across a field carrying a cine camera and a tripod which he sets up to film the falls. Then he is seen standing looking across the river.

Intertitle: 'Bolton Castle, once the prison of Queen Mary, stands guard below' The ruins of Bolton Castle are shown from various angles, including one with the white car.

Intertitle: 'Naturally, sport is popular in these parts' Two men, one in a white coat, stand in a country lane with a pack of hounds. Then a man is shown fishing in a river. Then a group of men on the moors pose with shotguns and dogs.

Intertitle: 'Wensley, which gives its name to the dale and its famous tree' Holy Trinity Church is shown followed by a large tree with a woman sitting on a bench underneath.

Intertitle: 'Across the lake is Middleham, complete with castle and cross' The War Memorial in Middleham followed by the village square, and then the castle ruins. The film then shows the Church of St. Mary & St. Alkeda Middleham.

Intertitle: 'The ruins of the Cistercian Abbey of Jervaulx' The film closes with the overgrown ruins of the Abbey at Jervaulx are shown from various vantage points.