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YFA 1537



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This is a comical film that, in a roundabout way, shows the work of Leeds Movie Makers, through a witty script and clever editing.

The film begins with a man dressed in Viking attire and blowing a horn. The film then switches to show a series of seemingly unrelated images of flowers, animals made out of vegetables, cows and pigs, a snow scene, and a smashed up caravan, which is then shown at various stages of repair. It then shows an extension being built to a house, with Jim, the builder, sat doing nothing. During the showing of these images a voiceover is first asking some committee about making a commercial for the 'Jumbo Construction Company', before going on to start making the commercial, seemingly in conversation with people connected with the film. This goes on to commentate on various episodes from 'The Decorator', a comical film made by Leeds Cine Club. After showing a building collapsing the film goes upside down and comes to an End with the narrator pleading that he hasn't finished yet.

The End

The narrator then states that 'this is what you have to do', and he is replaced by a woman's voice giving a list of seemingly unrelated items as we drive along the road in the front of a car. There is then a speeded up Christmas dinner, a rally racing car, a car reversing, some men and a woman having a beer and talking, and scenes from another one of their films, 'Stone Me'. The narrator then says, 'Act now, step on it and drop in and have a chat with us,' accompanied by a series of images that illustrate his words. Then two members of the club, Sid Lythe and John Wilson, are shown singing with the wrong soundtrack, before the narrator asks how much it will cost, and complains that he could have had Alfred Hitchcock for less.

The End