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Part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium project, this film examines two Indian curry houses in Bradford, comprising interviews with their respective managers and customers.

The film opens with neon signs of curry houses across Bradford and fleeting shots of cooking in the restaurant kitchens. This is followed by an exterior shot of the Silver Jubilee restaurant and take-away on Oak Lane, where some its customers eulogise about the service and food.

The film then cuts to the exterior of the Shah Jehan restaurant on Manchester Road, where the chefs and front of house staff are at work. Customers of this restaurant also tell the camera how they enjoy the atmosphere and service.

There are brief shots of the guests eating and drinking before the manager of the Shah Jehan begins to talk to the interviewer about his love of food. Another moustachioed man, the manager of the Silver Jubilee, also talks to the camera about the history of his restaurant, which used to be based on Morley Street and be called the Kashmir Caf?.

Inside the restaurants several customers explain their reasons for choosing their respective curry houses. This is followed by shots of a nationwide competition for chefs, including two from the Shah Jehan who wear toques with the name of the restaurant written on.

The owner of the Silver Jubilee continues to talk about the history of the business and is shown chopping vegetables including carrots, courgettes and cauliflowers. The manager of the Shah Jehan then goes on to talk to the camera, accompanied by shots of the building and the guests, some of whom are wearing saris.

The next sequence consists of a large vat of coconut milk and a jar of haldi, another name for turmeric. The film continues to flit between the managers and their premises, with frequent interludes from customers voicing their opinions about the restaurants.

In the kitchen of the Shah Jehan poppadoms and naan bread are being prepared and there are more shots of curries being spooned into metal trays. The staff clean cutlery, lay tables and take bookings on the telephone.

The two managers then talk about the sale of alcohol, over which they have differing policies due to religious convictions, before the film closes with a montage of guests eating in the restaurants.

Title | With thanks to the management, staff and customers of Shah Jehan and Silver Jubilee Restaurants

Title | Produced by Acorn Video (Bfd) Ltd.

Title | Camera - Chris Watson
Sound - Tanya Watson
Debby Waddington

Title | Curry City is part of the A4E Contemporary Video Collection
Produced by Yorkshire Media Consortium
Supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England
Archived by the Yorkshire Film Archive