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NEFA 21551



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This film from Ronald Pringle records excursions and events in Scotland and the north west of England in the mid 1970s. A transport enthusiast Ronald Pringle shows old and new forms of transport from a traction engine rally to an air show at Prestwick near Glasgow.

The film opens with a traction engine rally, probably the Cumbria Steam Gathering, given the information which appears on some of the engines. One engine has painted on it 'Tony Chalmers Carnforth'.

General views follow of full size traction engines, but also models and working scale replicas. Local engines reveal on their exteriors their home territory from 'Prestons of Potto' to an engine clearly marked as being from Bishop Auckland.

The film cuts to show a road sign which reads 'Culzean', which refers to Culzean Castle. A family looks around the aviary at Culzean Castle. General views show a family flying a kite, followed by swans and ducks on a lake.

The film then shows the tops of mountains covered with snow and lit by winter sunshine. Next a lake or open stretch of water at Tighnabruaich and mountains in the landscape. In the distance in open water, construction work is taking place on piers for a bridge(?)

An information board for Tighnabruaich Forest shows the start of the Caladh Castle forest trail.

Next, a harbour where small boats are moored. In the background a row of whitewashed houses. Near a pebble beach, lobster pots lie on a grass verge. More shots of whitewashed cottages are followed by general views of countryside and open sea.

A road sign to Applecross cuts to a general view of a sunset over open water.

A sign on a harbour wall, shows the embarkation point of the Kylesku Ferry. The ferry boat can be seen on the opposite bank which is followed by a close up of the ferry taking on cars and passengers.  The ferry is named The Maid of Glencoll, an Austin Allegro drives up the ships ramp and takes its place on board for the journey.

The film cuts to a ride up a mountain ski lift. General views show progress up the mountain, while skiers enjoy their sport on isolated pockets of snow.

Waves splash on a lake shore, then the film cuts to an exterior shot of the Caledonian Hotel (possibly Ullapool). General views show small boats on shore and streets of whitewashed cottages.

The final section shows a Highland Pipe band at a show (possibly a side attraction at an air show, as airplanes feature later in the sequence). General views follow of the pipe band.

The film then cuts to a group of girls dressed in a black and white uniform similar to a juvenile jazz band, they march but don't play instruments. General views follow the girls marching. General views follow of the air show at Prestwick airport where an number of aircraft fly past and perform aerobatics. Helicopters fly in formation and parachutists descend from the sky. The film ends with a woman reading a magazine in a garden as she sits in a deck chair near a goldfish pond.