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YFA 3115



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Made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden, this film contains footage from a trip to Drigg on the west Cumbrian coast, the Muncaster Horticultural Show, a miniature train ride in Eskdale, Cumbria, and footage of men blowing up unexploded shells from World War Two. The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-The Ramsdens


Title-Cumbria Chronicle

`DRIGG' is spelt out in stones on a beach. There are shots of small waves breaking on the shore, and the water runs up the beach through seaweed and over the stones.

Cyril watches a crab run across the shallow water into the sea.

Title-The Wreck.

Cyril and Betty walk across the sand to a large, metal cylinder and Betty pulls sand off the side of it. Several crabs walk through the water.

Betty, Cyril, and another man pile heavy rocks into a mound on the beach. Cyril then comes along with a small rock and, pretending it is very heavy, he accidentally drops it on his leg.

Title-The Annual attraction

Sign reads `Muncaster Horticultural Show'

Crowds of people pour across the field towards Muncaster Castle and the horticultural show.

A hand points to the ad in the paper for `Hound Trail,' and there are shots of lots of people placing bets with the totes.

Title-Laying the trail

A man runs down a field dragging a scent rag behind him. Lots of hounds and their owners line up at the starting post.

Title-12 miles to go

The hounds are let loose and they all speed across the field and up the hill and out of sight.

Women compete in an egg and spoon race while some young boys play darts, do the high jump, and run in sack races. Crowds of people are also lining up at an ice cream van.

Title-12 Miles 40 minutes

The hound owners wait at the finish for their dogs. They come over the brow of the hill and race back down.

The hand points to `wrestling' in the newspaper.

Title-Cumberland style

Some boys and men wrestle, and then there is a shot of Cyril and his friend doing their own comical version of a wrestling match.

Title-Eskdale the easy way.

A small, train engine reverses along a track and is joined up with the open-air carriages. There are shots of the countryside as the train moves along.

Title-Hidden in the Hills

There is a shot of a stone building and a mill wheel, and inside, there is a man and what appears to be a carpenter's workshop.

Title-Aftermath of the War.

Three unexploded shells lie on a beach.

Title-Disposal of unexploded shells

Several men walk along a beach pulling half hidden mortar shells out of the sand. Following this, their van gets stuck in the sand, and they have to lay planks of wood under the wheels to release the car.

Title- Shells are dumped at a safe distance and blown up.

A car drives along the beach, and a man rigs up wires in order to explode the bombs. There are two big explosions.