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YFA 3214



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Made in 1977 by members of the Humberside Police, this film is a compilation of places and events in the Humberside area, covering North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.  The film includes the building of the Humber Bridge, the Hull Prison riot, the well-known docks of the Humber, a power plant, housing and slum clearance in Hull, Beverley and the surrounding countryside, the fire at Flixborough Power Station, Lindsey Oil Refinery and a caravan park.  Additionally, a good portion of the film is made up of aerial footage. 

The film opens with a split screen in four parts showing some of the content that is featured in the film.  This is followed by a map showing the Humberside region.  There is aerial footage of the Humber and surrounding area.  The film moves onto the Humber Bridge in construction.  The two towers have been erected, and men are walking along the steel cables before the road has been built.  Then the film shows the recently constructed bridge of the M62 over the River Ouse just north of Goole, near the junction with the A614.  Next, a train pulls into Hull Station.  There are containers on Hull docks, and traffic in the streets of the city centre.  This section of the film ends with a shot inside the police control room.

A police car drives through Hull, along Pearson Avenue, and through the ornamental iron gateway near Pearson Park.  A ferry departs, and this is followed by a view of the Humber looking out over Hull.  Next Hull College is shown as well as traffic on the streets of Hull. 

At Hull Prison, there is a riot in progress.  Inmates can be seen warming themselves over a fire.  Many are wearing hoods and some are on the roof.  Riot police and an armoured vehicle arrive to join the police and firemen already there.  Banners made by the prisoners are draped from the roof.

On Council Avenue, much of the housing is in a dilapidated state, and some of the terraced houses are partly demolished.  A few women stand outside a corner shop which sells second hand clothes.  There are some derelict shops and new flats.  After a brief look at some ships moored at the docks, the film shows an area of water (possibly flooded) with ducks, shop fronts, a look at different types of housing and the Dog and Duck pub.  There is an aerial view of Beverley Minster and other parts of Beverley are shown.

At the beach and harbour at Bridlington, there is a view of the caravan park from the air.  This is followed by more film of the docks, the partially completed Humber Bridge, and the ‘Arndale’ barge going through a lock.  Some lorries disembark form a North Sea ferry, the ‘Norland’.  There are a large number of ships in one of the docks, one of which is being pulled into place by tugs.  This is followed by a police road spot check for lorries which involves the lorries having to go over a weighing bridge.  Next there is a look at J A Hewertson and Co, the caravan makers, before a plane is shown being transported by road. 

At Lindsey Oil Refinery, a lorry is being re-fuelled.  There is a huge fire at the oil refinery.  Footage of the fire is followed by a coal fired power station and a steel works where molten metal is being transported in railway wagons.

Next the film moves on to show fishing ships at Grimsby or St Andrew’s Dock, Hull.  There is an aerial view of the landscape, some pigs on a farm, the Ross factory warehouse, and coal wagons in sidings near a power station.  Then the coat of arms for Humberside County Council is shown, with the inscription, ‘United we Flourish’.  The film ends with an aerial shot of a large roundabout going over a major road (possibly the A64).