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YFA 462



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace took of Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Aden and the Suez Canal.

The film begins on a cruise ship with passengers watching a life boat being hoisted up and then doing drill with life jackets. Once underway, the passengers relax and watch other ships and boats passing, as well as some sharks nearby. They pass along a coast with a town.

Intertitle - Dar es Salaam

Grace and other passengers board a bus. They visit gardens and a Hindu temple. They also see fields of cotton hanging out to dry. They continue their tour with children following. Other local people go about their everyday lives. Another one of the tourists, a woman with a floral dress, is also filming.

They are by the Oyster Bay Hotel on the beach looking out to the sea. A man brings his washing in form being out to dry. They return to their ship, 'Rhodesia Castle', of London. On land two women wearing traditional dress walk past. There is a grand house in the Moorish style. Grace stands on a beach with her female travelling companion. One man walks past carrying a large amount of large palm leaves on his head. There are coconut and other fruit trees. There are other local people, including two men wearing sarongs herding goats. Children play on the beach.

They visit some historic sites, including a church. Grace stands with two other women looking at a very large tree. There are forest huts and palm trees. Back on the cruise ship they look at the coastline and crowds on the quay. Cotton is being loaded onto a cargo ship.

Intertitle - Mombasa

The tour party are back on the cruise ship, travelling along a coast, with a picturesque sunrise. They are next in Mombasa by the Tusk Arch on Moi Avenue. There is a Hindu temple, inside of which sits a man reading, whilst another lies down on his front in an act of worship. There are boats on the harbour and boys play football near a castle wall. They then do a tour of the castle, with people playing on a golf course nearby.

They go on a trip inland, passing historic building, cotton trees and arriving at a beach. They take a ferry boat across some water. A man carves wooden sculptures of elephants. As they continue on their boat journey they pass local fishermen and look through a glass bottom at the underwater life. One of them dives in with diving goggles and breathing tube. Back on land they pass through a wooded area with huts. Two local women pose for the camera. Both smiling, one carries a baby, the other woman balances a basket on her head. Grace looking at ornate carved wooden door of a museum having model boats.

From their hotel window they film the street below, with tourists and local men sitting on the pavement. Two Sikh men walk past. They prepare to sail on the Newcastle Line. The gangway is attached, there is a sunset and Grace plays a game of shuffleboard with other passengers on the deck.

Intertitle - Aden

As they continue on their boat journey they pass mountains on the coast. On board younger passengers play games in the swimming pool with other passengers as spectators. One is a pillow fight with both boys and girls on a slippery pole across the water. Another has girls swimming with spoons in their mouths balancing eggs.

Intertitle - Suez and the Canal

From their boat they look out across at a city with many other boats and large cargo ships. They pass a BP plant. Cargo ships pass along the canal from various countries, and more games are played on deck. The film finishes with another sunset.