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NEFA 14605



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A home movie filmed by Ruth Jacobson of the family taking cruise holiday around Norway and Iceland in 1952. The film shows the family onboard the cruise ship “Chusan” and various excursions that include Bergen and Mount Dalsnirba.

Title: On Board

The film opens on a group of children sitting at a table on board ship. The children pose next to a life buoy that identifies the ship as the "Chusan". The children play various deck games involving throwing rope rings. A girl swims in the ship's swimming pool.

Title: Bergen Excursion

Various views of a Norwegian wooden house, the islands off Bergen in the North Sea, and the children posing for the camera and looking at postcards. There is an overhead view of a busy street. The children sit on a series of steps. Four Norwegian children pose in traditional dress.

Title: Kjendal Glacier & District

Views of the glacier and surrounding mountains, peaks shrouded in fog. Children skim stones and walk behind a waterfall.

Title: Chusan & Loen Fjord

View from the Chusan as it travels along the Loen Fjord. A small boat approaches the cruise ship. A rowing boat is rowing away from the ship.

Title: Summit of Mt. Dalsnibba, Grotli & Merok

Picturesque views of snow-capped mountains, valleys and winding roads, filmed from a mountain summit. Children pose for the camera near a tour bus. Various views of the children and the mountain and fjord views, the Norwegian flag flying at the summit. One of the girls winds a camera. Tourists pose beside the flag.

Title: Chusan at Merok & Trip to Alansrisit, Aandalsnes & on Board and Reykjavik

General views of cruise ships and smaller boats moored at a lake quayside and children pose beside the lakeside. A man swims in a pool on board the cruise ship. He jokily trying to pull a girl in bikini into the water. A group of children are playing supervised ships games.

Next, there are shots in the Reykjavik volcanic landscape of hot springs and geysers, and of a girl stroking a horse in the hills.

Title: The Tender at Leith

The “Ulster Lady”, a small ship, pulls alongside the Chusan. Seagulls are diving into the Water at Leith. The film ends with passengers wave from the cruise ship as the smaller boat pulls away.