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NEFA 19842



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An amateur film produced for Borough of Tynemouth of the presentation of the Tynemouth ceremonial mace by local industrialists at Linskill Secondary School, North Shields on 1st May 1950. The film shows the ceremony taking place inside the school hall and speeches being given by the Mayor and other civic dignitaries. Following the ceremony guests enjoy tea and sandwiches in the school gymnasium and the film ends with the mace on display in the council chambers.

Title: The Crown of Achievement. A Tribute to Tynemouth.

Title: The Official Film of the Tynemouth Ceremonial Mace Presented to the Borough by Local Industrialists in the Linskill Secondary School Hall, North Shields on Monday, the 1st May 1950.

Title: The Mace. The Mace which is now recognised as a symbol of Royal Authority and Civic dignity, was originally a weapon of offence, capable of breaking through the strongest armour. It was carried into battle by Mediaeval Bishops instead of the sword.

Title: The earliest ceremonial maces, intended to protect the King’s person, were borne by the serjeants-at-arms in the 12th Century. The history of the civic mace begins about the middle of the 13th Century when certain of the large cities were granted the privilege.

Title: The practise of carrying the Mace before the Mayor was probably copied from the Royal Household, where the Serjeants-at-arms, who acted as King’s Messengers, bore their Maces as a token of authority.

Title: Whilst mace decorations and designs have varied over the centuries, Boroughs authorised to use maces have guarded with pride their emblems of power. Newly incorporated Boroughs however, purchased or were presented with maces.

Title: Monday 1st May 1950. At the Linskill Secondary School. Before The Ceremony. The Mayor Alderman Richard Irvin J.P. dons his Robes of Office.

[Black and White]. The film begins in a room where a man in a dark suit and cap buttons up the ceremonial robe for the Mayor. Another officer assists with the dressing of another civic official. While the first officer continues to assist the mayor with his gown; a woman helps to fasten the chains of office of for the Mayors wife. The film cuts to showing the Mace Bearers and civic dignitaries standing around chatting as they and the Mayor make ready to leave.    

Title: 3.00pm.The procession of Mace Bearers and Civic Dignitaries of Neighbouring Authorities begins –

[Colour]. The Union Jack flag flies about the entrance to Linskill Secondary School. Lead by a Police Officer the civic procession makes its way through the grounds of the school into the hall. At the head of the procession is the Mace Bearer carrying the civic mace. Behind him another official carries a large ceremonial sword. A number of photographers take shots of the procession.

Title: R.H. Stephenson, Esq, O.B.E., J.P. Director and General Manager of Smith’s Dock Company Limited takes the Chair and opens the proceedings.

[Black and White]. On a stage surrounded by other civic dignitaries Mr Stephenson gives a speech reading from a set of cards. On the wall behind him is the Borough of Tynemouth coat of arms. His speech comes to an end and those on the stage begin to clap as he sits down.

Title: Sir G. Tristram Edwards Chairman and Joint Managing Director of Smith’s Dock Company Ltd addresses the Assembly on behalf of the Industrialists.

From the stage Mr Tristram Edwards gives his speech reading from a number of sheets of paper.

Title: Member of the Assembly listen with interest and appreciation.

A crowd of smartly dressed men and women sitting in the hall listen intently to Mr Tristram Edwards speech. Back on the stage he is shown speaking.

Title: The Presentation. His Worship the Mayor of Tynemouth Alderman Richard Irvin. J.P. receives the Mace on behalf of the Council from Sir G. Tristram Edwards.

Mr Tristram Edwards is handed the mace by a young man. The dignitaries stand as Mr Tristram Edwards reads from a sheet of paper on the table. The Mayor receives the mace from Mr Tristram Edwards and places it on a ceremonial plinth.

Title: Supporting the Presentation.  T.L. Welch, Esq, Managing Director of Messrs. Welch & Sons Limited, West Chirton, addresses the assembly.

Mr Welch gives a speech from the stage while the dignitaries surrounding him listen intently. The film cuts to a number of women sitting in the front row in front of the stage applauding.

Title: His Worship the Mayor Alderman R. Irvin J.P. expresses thank on behalf of the Tynemouth Council.

Standing the mayor waits for the surrounding crowd to stop applauding before thanking them and the dignitaries seated behind him. He gives another short speech before being applauded again as he sits down.

Title: The Town Clerk of Tynemouth Fred G. Egner, Esq, O.B.E., reads the Scroll to be contained in the Mace.

Mr Egner in gown and wig stands holding the scroll in his hand.

Title: Extract from the Scroll. ‘We do present to the Corporation the CEREMONIAL MACE…. To be such as will enhance the civic pride and dignity of the Borough to which we are proud to belong… and will commemorate this historic Centenary Year of Incorporation.” The Industrialists. 1st May 1950.

Title: The Chairman introduces yet another Ceremony –

Title: and his Worship the Mayor of Tynemouth, Alderman R. Irvin, J.P., presents to the Corporation a Deputy Mayor’s Badge of Office and invests the Deputy Mayor Councillor T.W. Crawshaw.

The Deputy Mayor stands beside the Mayor who speaks to the crowd. He places the Badge of Office over Mr Crawshaw's shoulders watched over by the Town Clerk as the dignitaries on the stage begin to applaud. The sequence is shown again from a different camera position.

Title: Councillor T.W. Crawshaw responds.

The Deputy Mayor makes a speech to the audience.

Title: From the “Floor”. Alderman R.T. Smith J.P., a Senior Alderman of the Tynemouth Council, moves a vote of thanks to the Chairman.

From the floor Mr Smith gives a speech to the surrounding audience from notes written on paper.

Title: - Supported by A.M. Wood Esq, Joint Managing Director of Tyne Brand Products Ltd.

From the far side of hall Mr Wood gives a speech to the audience who listen on intently.

Title: Led by the Tynemouth Mace Bearer and Civic Party the Return Procession leaves the Main Hall.

A man in a dark suit and cap carries the ceremonial mace from the stage and through the hall followed by the Mayor and other dignitaries past the now standing audience. The film cuts to show the audience in the hall relaxing including a young couple who look directly at the camera.

Title: After the Ceremony. Guests enjoy a cup of tea and refreshments in the School Gymnasium.

A number of well dressed women sit around a table drinking tea and chatting. On the table in front of them are two three-tier cake stand full of sandwiches.  

A cup of tea is poured into a cup

General views around the gymnasium of various guests standing or seated chatting, drinking tea and eating sandwiches.

A man takes a sandwich from a plate held by a woman. They both look at the camera.

There is a close up of Mr Crawshaw, the Deputy Mayor. The camera slowly pans down to show his Badge of Office handing around his neck.

The film cuts to show general views around the gymnasium of guests chatting and enjoying their tea.

Title: Industry’s tribute to the Corporation and to the Centenary of the Granting of the Charter of Incorporation to the Borough – The Ceremonial Mace in the Mayor’s Parlour.

From the doorway of the Mayor’s Parlour the camera pans left to right showing the inside of the office. On the mantelpiece sits the ceremonial mace on its plinth.

A man wearing white gloves holds the mace and slowly turns it showing the intricate detail and jewels. There is a close up of the Borough of Tynemouth coat of arms which is embossed on the mace.

Title: - and in the Council Chamber.

The film cuts to show the embossed letters for the Council Chamber on the chamber door. Inside the chamber a man in a black suit and cap slowly walks around the tables and chairs carrying the mace and places it on a plinth.

Title: The End.