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YFA 3473



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Part two of a 'local newsreel', this film includes the marriages of the young residents of Crosspool Avenue in Sheffield throughout the 1970s.

Title - Crosspool Gazette continued.

Title - Susan and David are married at Fleetwood Church.

The film opens with scenes of the couple exiting the church and posing for the camera together before getting into a car and driving away. There are then many shots of the wedding guests walking up the road outside the church - many of whom are dressed in bright colours and outlandish hats. Later, on a large lawn many of the people who attended the wedding pose together in various groups.

Title -George and Ann are married at Norton Church.

The opening shot of this sequence shows Norton church form a distance, before the camera moves in to show the guest arrive; all in the latest fashions. The bride enters with her father and then the filmmaker cuts to show the bride leaving the church with her husband, and they all pose for photos. George and Ann (the married couple) then get into the wedding car and drive away. The filmmaker then cuts to a residential house where the couple sit on a sun lounger with a young boy and older woman.

Title - Over in Crewe Robert and Katherine are married.

The couple exits of the church after the ceremony. People pose for the cameras, while guests watch from the pavement. The couple then drive off in a chauffeur driven car. At another location, there are more photos and the guests are gathered around the happy couple. They get into their honeymoon car and drive away- it has been decorated with l plates and the words, 'Watch For The Stork', on the cars boot.

Title - Martin and Marlis are married at the Church of Our Lady and St Thomas.

The Groom and his Best Man arrive, get out of a car and start walking up some steps to the church. They are followed by many guests all in the varying fashions of the day. Finally the bridal parties cars arrive, the bride walk up the steps to the church entrance with her father. The married couple exit the church together and pose for the camera. After many photos they are driven off in the wedding car.