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YFA 710



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This is a film from the Newfield School, located just outside Sheffield, which documents sporting and academic events during 1965. These include the Cross Country Championships, Art and English Literature classes, and a puppet show production of Wind in the Willows.

The film opens with a shot of the Cross Country Championship results board. The boys are lined up at the start line, and the race begins. Each are awarded numbers have to register once they have finished the race. In the scoring area, a few teachers are seated at tables to records the running times in a score book.

In Art Class, the boys try their hand at pottery and sculpture. There are a few close ups of the students with their individual completed projects. Some of the boys also learn wood carving and how to ceramics using the pottery wheel.

In English Literature, the teacher writes information on the blackboard regarding the 5th year poetry project. The boys can be seen at their desks writing and consulting the text. It is wintertime as the snow-covered fields can be seen outside the classroom windows.

The final portion of the film is a student puppet show production of Wind in the Willows. The majority of the set looks like a courtroom, and there are various animal and human character puppets.