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NEFA 21660



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An amateur film made by members of the Cleveland Cine Club of a cross country equestrian event. The film shows the arrival of competitors as well as them preparing their horses for competition. From various locations around the course, the film shows horse and rider jumping a number of fences. After the race, winners are presented with trophies and the film ends with people leaving and vehicles getting stuck in the mud.

Title: Cross Country

The film begins with a lorry driving into a field and the female driver, wearing riding clothing, opening the back. Another lorry openings up it’s rear cutting back to the woman as she brushes down her horse. Other riders wash down and prepare their horses for competition. General views from around the race site show a number of riders now on their mounts.

Leaning against a vehicle is a chalkboard. Some of the information on the board has been struck through, though the word ‘Bedale’ is still clearly visible. General views of people around the site, a small group enjoy a picnic beside a small MG sports car.

General views show competitors on horseback and a map of the course. A number of women look around a stall selling equestrian equipment. A group of officials stand around the map seen previously pointing at certain areas.

On the course, a number of riders head off across a field and jump a fence cutting to a hand stroking the mane of a horse. Various views from around the course show horses galloping past intercut with those of the spectators and officials watching the event, some from a raised platform or crane.

A rider comes off his mount while attempting to take a jump. Two men in yellow vests and helmets help him back on his mount.

General views from different locations of horses taking a series of different types of jump including a water jump intercut with views of some of the spectators watching the event.

At a log fence, some of the horses refuse to jump while others go over and speed off across a field.

At some speed, a horse gallops up a steep hillside and over another fence with spectators watching from nearby. More horses come up after, some in a group, but not all the horses jump the fence at the top. The film cuts to show a number of horses coming down a steep embankment.  

Two horses speed across the field, the film cuts to a large electric display showing a competitor’s time. Times are written on a large chalk board above which can be seen ‘United Kingdom Champions…’

The film cuts to a table on which are a number of trophies, and bottle of Champagne. On a small stage a man speaks into a microphone followed by the crowd nearby clapping. Trophies are presented to the winning riders and the crowd applaud. A man on the stage gives a speech.

With the event now over people begin to leave. A number of vehicles get stuck in the mud and have to be pulled out by tractor. The film ends with other vehicles driving out from the field.

End title: The end

End title: Interval