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YFA 4818



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This film documents an outing taken by a group of disabled children to Bridlington, East Yorkshire in 1939. The children spend the day on the beach and finish the trip with a Punch and Judy show.

The film opens with two busses lined up on a terraced street. Ladies, two of whom are wearing furs, and gentlemen wearing ribbons stand around beside the buses before getting on the bus. A young man in uniform walks up, pours a drink from a flask, and gives it to one of the gentlemen.

Buses, with Hebble on the side, are loaded with children, one of whom hangs out the windows excitedly. Parents stand beside the buses before they leave. There is a sign in one of the windows which says, "Crippled Children's Outing."

Two gentlemen stand talking at the top of a set of stairs beside the Fox and Hounds Hotel. Children are drinking tea and eating biscuits in groups around small tables in the hotel gardens. One child has a bandage around his head, another, a patch over his eye. Some children are sitting on the lawns. The adults and some more children are having tea in a summerhouse. A man in three piece suit, bowler hat, and sunglasses smiles for the camera with a girl. Some of the boys laze around reading comics, but most are gathered around a man doing a trick with a cigarette.

Sea front - Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Some children stand on wall looking over onto the sea, and others walk with adults along the road. They pass some posters, some are advertising Lionel John and his Orchestra, playing at the Prince's Parade, and also Fred Hugh and the 'Paradios', the other is advertising Jack Hylton and his Band playing at the Grand on Saturday 18th June.

Children stand on the pier beside the Parade Boating Pool waiting their turn for the boats. The children and chaperones drive around the pool in little motor boats, some playing dodgems with the boats. One the beach children are building sandcastles. A girl runs passed them, towards the camera with a ball, and she turns and throws it to someone out of shot. Some boys are playing with a tennis racket and ball, and some are paddling in the sea. One group of children is clustered around a boy with a crab balancing on his spade. The group try and work up the nerve to touch it. There is a shot of the children as a whole group, running about and playing on the beach. One small girl is digging a hole in wet sand, another joins her in it.

After their time on the beach, the children are dried off and smartened up again. One girl is chased up the beach by chaperone (dressed in coat, fur stole and hat) waving seaweed at her. A small boy is digging around in the sand, and two others in coats stand by the edge of the sea. Some chaperones help out with the game of cricket while a big gang of boys digs a canal up the beach from the sea.

The outing ends as the group of children sit on benches above the beach. They are watching a Punch and Judy show. This is followed by a shot from beside the Punch and Judy show of people sitting on the wall, looking at a group of yachts on the sea.