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NEFA 21930



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A home movie produced by David Williams featuring his family begins with his wife and son Simon on the beach at Crimdon Dene near Hartlepool. This is followed by a day travelling Hadrian’s Wall visiting Corbridge Roman Station, the Temple of Mithras and Housesteads Roman Fort. Another day trip to Upper Weardale follows with the family enjoying the moorland landscape and visiting the then derelict Killhope lead mine. The final part of the film features the family walking a section of the river Tees from Barnard Castle, through Startforth to High Force waterfall near Middleton-in-Teesdale where the film ends.

The film opens on a beach and a woman kneeling on a blanket digging in the sand. The camera pans down revealing the title of the film written in the sand:

Title: Crimdon Dene Beach 1965

The film cuts to show a woman lying on the sand sleeping followed by a second woman in a bikini top. A boy stands on the edge of the surf as the waves splash at his feet.

The film changes to show the cover of a book entitled ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ followed by a map inside the book showing the full length of the wall.

Cars drive past a road sign that reads ‘Corstopitum Roman Station: Ancient Monument’. The film cuts to show a hand holding a guidebook for Corbridge Roman Station panning upward to show the site itself. General views show place and a small boy and girl walking through it. A sign reads ‘Gateway to East Compound’ followed by another sign that reads ‘Gateway to West Compound’. More general views of the site follow.

A woman stands beside a sign that reads ‘Brunton Tower’ the film cuts to show the two children walking along a section of Roman wall.

Another road sign reads ‘Mithraeum (Roman Temple): Ancient Monument’ followed by the boy seen previously walking through Temple of Mithras near Humshaugh. General views of the three Roman altars.

Another sign which reads ‘The National Trust. Housesteads Roman Fort’ cuts to a view from the wall of a small boy walking along it and views of the surrounding landscape. General views show the Housesteads site including the granary.

Title: A Day in Upper Weardale

The section begins with a general view of a dry stonewall and surrounding landscape. Beside the wall, a woman and small boy pick flowers from a field. General views follow of some of the flowers they are picking.

A man opens a field gate and a Ford Popular car drives through. The man closes the gate behind him.

General views show the surrounding rolling hillside with sheep grazing. A reservoir or other water source can be seen in the distance, possibly Tunstall Reservoir. The Ford Popular drives along a narrow moorland road cutting to a closer view of the reservoir. The two children walk beside a barbed wire fence, the film cuts to a close up view of a mushroom growing in the grass.

General views of the surrounding landscape are inter-cut with a sheep that has wandered into the road.

The film cuts to show views of a waterfall and the water travelling downstream. The film cuts to a stone wall on which sits the small girl held by her mother looking down on the river below. The film cuts to show a general view of the derelict site of the Killhope lead mine near Cowshill with it’s large waterwheel.

The boys and girl stand each side of a road sign for County of Durham. They rush back towards the Ford Popular and the film cuts to show a road sign for Cumberland.

The film changes to a view looking out of the living room window of a house. A woman stands in the shadows. From the window a view shows a passenger train speeding along a railway line going across the top of a hill in the middle distance.

General views follow of golden leafed trees.

Title: Autumn in Teesdale

A general view shows a field and trees in the near distance, possibly along the banks of the river Tees. From along the riverbank a view of the castle at Barnard Castle. From a pedestrian suspension bridge a small boy looks through the railings down onto the river below. General views show the tress along the river changing to autumnal colours.

The film cuts to a roads sign for the village of Startforth in Teesdale followed by a stream passing through the landscape. The film changes to show the two children looking down from a fence onto the river Tees below.

General views follow of the river Tees as it travels downstream over rocky outcrops. A woman and two small children stand on the riverbank.

The film cuts to a sign that points in the direction of ‘High Force Falls’. The family walk along a tree lined footpath towards High Force waterfall, the route turned golden with the colour of the changing leaves. The film ends with views of the boy beside the waterfall and of the falls themselves.