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YFA 845



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This film is a demonstration by West Riding police, at Belle Vue Barracks, of good and bad road manners for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The film was made by C.H. Wood.

Title-Demonstration by the W.R.C.C. Police of good and bad road manners.

There is a sign on a wall which reads `Visit the Road Safety Exhibition Belle Vue Barracks Sept 22-27, open daily 9am-8pm, admission free, entrance~'. The camera pans in the direction of the exhibition and cuts to more demonstrations of bad road use. A man cycles around and in front of a moving car and almost gets hit. Then some men walk along the `street' that has been reconstructed, and cross at the `pedestrian crossing'. The do that safely but following this their friend crosses without looking and almost gets hit by a car on the far side of the road.

In the background are large crowds of spectators walking into the exhibition and standing around watching. The next scenario is a car passing out at the wrong time and almost hitting an oncoming car. This is followed by three cyclists cycling abreast with their hands on the shoulders of the man beside him. When one of them wobbles they all wobble in front of a car that is behind them.

There is a shot of the huge crowd of men, women and children of all ages that have gathered to watch. Several policemen stand in front of them.

Title-Walking to the public danger

A pedestrian walks out in front of a car and a cyclist and sends the cyclist flying. Another man is reading something while he walks out onto the road in front of a car and then two cyclists ride in front of another car and almost causes a crash.

Title-Unsecured Loads

A van drives along the `road', swerves and items fall out of the back of the van and on front of cyclists. There is a sequence of scenarios including a man cycling with a roll of material and knocks a pedestrian and a cyclist over, some men at work on the side of the road, a car driving past them at speed, and a car reversing backwards onto a road

Title-And whilst on that subject?

Title-`Safety Last'-A Bradford Nightmare.

The next section consists of a sequence of sped up shots of buses, cars and pedestrians all driving along and crossing the roads in the centre of Bradford. Some of the shots are taken from the top of a building looking down while some are street level. A traffic policeman is in the middle of the road trying to direct some of the traffic. Some of the shots are in reverse and some are taken from the point of view of a driver going through the traffic. There are also some very slowed down shots before they are sped up again.

(See YFA no. 1001)