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NEFA 13683



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A short promotional film for North East Water featuring a montage of industrial and regional locations intercut with those of rural and flowing water.

The film opens showing clouds moving across across the sky followed by rain falling on a river. Standing in the middle of a river a man is fly-fishing. Views of trees and flowing rivers change to show Durham Cathedral from the banks of the River Wear.

Inside a steel works a ladle is tipped and molton steel pours out. This is followed by a view rotary gas torch heating or re-heating a glass plate (?) inside a factory.

A helicopter travels along Hadrian's Wall followed by views of a a number a large storage tanks possibly at a refinery and a man working with an acetylene torch. Inside a high-tech factory views follow a robotic arm and microscope.

A view of Newcastle keep or castle changes to an aerial view of the Nissan factory near Sunderland. This changes to Bamburgh Castle along the Northumberland coast followed by the Vickers-Armstrong works on the river Tyne at Newcastle.

A Royal Navy ship is launched into a river the picture fades to that of the Church of St Thomas the Martyr on Haymarket Lane in Newcastle, this is followed by a view of the Low Lights at North Shields. Waves crash on a beach with Tynemouth Priory on the distant headland changing to a valve tower on a reservoir, possibly Derwent Reservoir.

Clouds in the sky fade to an aerial view of the bridges along the river Tyne. Shimmering water fades to show the Tyne Bridge where the film ends.

End title: North East Water