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YFA 110



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This film is comprised of many different events including cricket and football matches, family leisure scenes, the modern new estate of Sunnymede, and a children’s sports day all set in Scissett.  Scissett is a village in West Yorkshire which was built around the wool and coal industries. 

The film opens with workmen digging with pitchforks and loading debris into wheelbarrows deconstructing part of a building.  Unneeded parts are seen being taken way, and some are disposed of out of a window.  The workers are also laying large bricks for the new structure being built. 

In the next portion of the film, the wind blows a newspaper across the lawn.  A boy is sitting on the lawn relaxing, and an older man has captured the newspaper from the wind and is sitting reading it.  Other members of the family can also be seen enjoying their leisure time sitting on lawn chairs in the sun. 

The same workers from before have now moved onto a different task and saw down a very large tree which falls to the ground. 

There is a brief shot of a man seated at a desk before the film shows a dog performing a few tricks.  The dog is able to keep a balloon in the air by hitting it with its nose. 

A young boy plays with a tennis ball and racquet hitting the ball towards a woman who throws it back to him.

The next portion lasting for quite a while documents a cricket game.  A few of the bowlers can be seen warming up before the game.  There are men of all ages participating in the game, and spectators are lined along the sides to watch.  Additionally, the Pennines can be seen in the background of the cricket ground.  During a break in the game, awards are given out to two of the younger team members.  More of the cricket match follows.

Following the cricket match, the film next documents what appears to be a wakes week trip to Blackpool for the local mill workers and their families.  The people of the town get into many buses that are parked along the street.  The buses can be seen leaving the parking area and driving along the winding roads away from the town.  There is a brief shot of a horse and buggy carriage in the street and a few girls playing a game at a carnival.  Members of the town are all congregated in a large cafeteria where everyone is seated at very long tables.  A few servants which are catering the event can be seen standing around the edges of the room.  After the meal the town members congregate outside where the busses are parked before departing from the cafeteria.  The Blackpool tower can be seen in the background. 

The next portion of the film documents the new housing which was built around the local wool mill for its workers.
Title – To The Modern New Estate
This title is followed with different views of the estate, some from an elevated spot far away, and others from closer by. 
Title – Sunnymede
Now closer to the houses, it can be seen that most are semi-detached houses.  People can be seen walking and cycling around the neighbourhood. 

Title – Football Emley v. Scissett
There are many shots of the football match with generally close to the action of the game.  The estate can be seen in the background. 
Title – The visitors score
We see more of the match, but the goal is not caught on film.
Title – Scissett get going
The football match is speeded up using a filming effect.
Title – But Emley an take it anyway
The football match is now played in reverse using a filming effect.  
Title – After which both teams settle down
This is followed by the final portion of the football match.

(Film now in colour):

Two boys start to make a bonfire, pour something into a kettle, and cook it over the fire.  The rest of the family can be seen sitting around the fire on blankets enjoying the picnic.

In a small backyard pool, a boy sits with his feet in the water while the dog jumps in and splashes around. 

The next portion of the film features a boy using a motorized lawnmower on his large front lawn.  His brother is playing with the dog close by while he is working.  After the younger boy who was playing with the dogs is seated in a wheelbarrow posing for the camera when his older brother takes the bag full of cut grass from the lawnmower and pours it all over him. 

The last portion of the film features a Sports Day for the local children.  They participate in various races including a regular foot race, a three-legged race, and obstacle course, and a ball throwing contest.  The sports day takes place on the same field as the cricket match earlier in the film. Family members are gathered around, and there is an awards ceremony at the end of the races to celebrate the winners.  Boy scouts take sandwiches around to the many spectators who have come out for the day’s events.  The film then closes with a final shot of a boy scout posed by a car parked on a road nearby the field.