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YFA 717



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This film features several cricket matches during 1952.

The film begins showing a cricket match with a pavilion and cars parked around the perimeter. Several batsmen are seen getting out.

Title: 'Bradford v Ilkley, August 1952'

The film moves to another cricket match at a different location. Trees on a hill overlook the field.

Intertitle: 'A Cricket outing to Sleights, August 1952'

Three women stroll along a street. They are followed by two men, one with a bulldog. A sign shows the 'Forest of Vale Hotel', and people are seen leaving before another cricket match is shown. The umpires come out, followed by the players and two batsmen. One cricketer puts on his kit, and a group of women are sitting in the stand knitting.

The next scene shows houses near a river, and a couple standing on the footbridge which crosses that river. There is also a small waterfall. A number people stroll around the small village. A man plays with a bulldog on the grass beside the river. Outside a pub, a playful group of people are standing around with their drinks. One man quickly downs his while another lights his pipe.

The End