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NEFA 21625



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An amateur film made by members of the Cleveland Cine Club containing various examples of simple hand-drawn animation not included in the final version of their film Crash Course. The film also shows members hard at work in a small studio drawing and filming said animations.

The film begins with a series of animations based on various British road signs, some of which were used in the final version of Crash Course. Many others were not.

Onto a large sheet of paper, a hand writes ‘The End’. The exercise is repeated onto another sheet of paper in the shape of a road sign.

Examples of other animations follow.

Kneeling on the floor, Betty Cook and another member of the Cleveland Cine Club work to shoot the animations featured previously. Standing over them another member of the club works the film camera that is on a tripod.

More examples of their animations follow.

A man with a cigarette in his left hand looks down the lens of the camera still mounted on the tripod. Other members of the club chat in the background. On the floor, other members work to animate the elements.

At a table nearby a man uses a felt-tip pen to fill in an animation of a car.

The camera still on the tripod has been moved higher up with the legs placed over two tables that looks down onto the animation laid out on the floor. Under one of the tables, a man uses a pen to fill in the animation of a car. On another table, a man draws an animation and Betty Cook comes over to look at it. The film ends with shots of club members filming and moving along the animation.